Self-Defence for Schools

REACT Self-Defence has been providing self-protection / self defence programmes within the educational system since 2003.

These specialised programmes have been designed with the teenager mindset in mind and have been adopted within private and independent educational institutions across the south of England.

The 6 hour courses are flexible in nature and have been delivered within the following capacities:

  • As part of PHSE Studies
  • As extra curricular training
  • AS part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • AS Part of Enrichment programmes
  • AS part of 6th form recreational programmes

Training is provided by instructors all fully DBS certified and holding a minimum of 15 years experience teaching close quarter protection and conflict resolution. The modules are taught in a safe, controlled environment that maximises a students learning potential.

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“REACT Self-Defence has run Self Defence course at Godolphin since 2005. Having taken the course, the girls feel more confident that they will be able to deter any attack they may experience.  While the course is extremely serious, they enjoy learning new physical skills as well as the feeling of control and empowerment it gives them.  The system of self-defence is developed and taught week by week to provide the girls with the mental and physical skills they may need to save their lives. The course is well thought out and is both challenging and enjoyable to participate within.”

Sara Radice, Godolphin School

Our students have participated within REACT Self-Defence courses for several years. Demonstrations are given to a whole year group which they always enjoy. Pupils can then opt into completing a six week course benefiting from learning essential self-defence skills whilst having a great time. Some groups have progressed to more advanced classes within the REACT self-defence system.

Trudi Cotton, Leehurst Swan School

“REACT Self-Defence have been conducting self-defence workshops annually for our 14 year old pupils’ in the Shell for over 5 years. In addition they conduct self-defence workshops for our lower sixth girls in the Summer Term. As a result of these workshops our students have grown in confidence and have the ability to confidently walk away from conflict and avoid danger when they are out and about.”

“Their instructor Adam is conscientious and professional in all his dealings with us and our pupils. We are in no doubt you will find his workshops most useful. His manner with students is excellent.  He manages the physical “hands-on” side of the workshops with calmness and a light-touch sense of control. Pupils respond well to his warm, confident manner, and his clear enthusiasm for teaching. He contextualises the self-defence skills needed, and makes clear the difference between aggression and discipline.”

“We are happy to use REACT Self-Defence’s services to provide and enhance basic skills for our pupils part of our PHSE provision.”

Lady Cayley – Head of Boarding – Marlborough College