Personal Training

Are you bored with the same old classes and routines at your local gym?

Do you find yourself still disillusioned and dissatisfied with the results that you are achieving?

REACT Self Defence offers a unique training programme where being fit and achieving “body beautiful” is a natural bi-product of the primary aim of the programme… to empower individuals with the necessary skills to defend them selves effectively in a physical confrontation.

Combat Fit

Benefits of the training programmes include:

strangle release

  • Improved Cardiovascular fitness
  • Effective weight loss
  • Muscular toning
  • Improved co-ordination, balance and stability
  • Increased explosive power
  • Increased confidence and assertiveness

In addition to the above training outcomes, individuals are taught a comprehensive effective self-defence system that includes:

  • Awareness of personal space and strategies to protect personal boundaries
  • Effective preemptive strikes that can be used in high pressure situations
  • Anti grappling techniques deigned to over come assailants of a greater physical strength when grabbed or controlled
  • Targeting training ensuring that all preemptive strikes are delivered with optimum precision and effectiveness

Sessions can be delivered to individuals or to small groups and can be tailored to fit around an individuals working/daytime commitments.


Tom smartt“I trained within Combat Fit for many years. It showed me the doors towards Wing Chun training, MMA and boxing. I still have faith as I still return for training sessions that test and humble me. The coaches are very hands on and are involved with all aspects of your training and development. These programmes will not only give you a good engine but also the mindset, tools and results that have benefits within all walks of life”

Tom Smartt

“Having been involved in martial arts for over 30 years I’ve seen a lot of coaches and coaching methods. I can safely say that anyone who trains with the REACT self-defence programmes will not be dissapointed. Their coaches are up there with the best. Inspirational and motivational… these programmes will definitely enable you to reach your goals!”

Ged Kennerk ABMVT Manchester

“As an amateur and professional boxing coach having been involved with the training of champions for many years. Along the way I have met, trained and indeed trained with a myriad of coaches some good, some bad. Fortunately REACT Self-Defence coaches are within the former not the latter! There are many of you who could benefit from their wealth of experience. Don’t bother wasting time going through the same motions at expensive commercial gyms wondering why the summer body never materialises. You’re throwing good money away. Trust these programmes and you will achieve your goals. I know I do.”

Kev Bell – Professional Boxing Coach, Southampton

“I have trained with REACT Self-Defence for many years. If you want to get fit or improve your fitness and at the same time break out of the cardio machine for 45 mins 3 x per week slog – get in touch and be prepared to be pushed to do some work. Highly recommended!”

Kevin Bewley – Health Protection Agency