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Do you run a business? Are your staff prepared if they encountered an aggressive confrontation?

REACT Self-Defence offer specialised courses specifically designed to empower individuals with the key physical skills and mental confidence to deal with a physically threatening situation if it were to ever arise.

Controlled pressure training exercises enable individuals to keep calm and focused in high stress situations. This  enables effective, efficient action to be taken to minimise the risk to an individuals personal safety.

Lack of mental and physical preparation usually results in confusion, hesitation and panic.

The corporate programme has been designed to prepare individuals in the following:

  • Awareness of personal safety
  • Effective confrontation management
  • A physical and mental plan of action to avoid, deter or repel an aggressive assailant
  • Avoidance and evading strategies to prevent physical attacks from ocurring
  • Pre-emtive strikes to nullify an imminent attack
  • Straight-forward, effective self-defence teqhniques that can be learned quickly and be applied in high stress situations
  • Increased confidence and feeling of security in the surrounding environment

Courses can be delivered on or off site depending of participant numbers and available space. Courses are delivered by instructors with over 15 years experience in teaching self defence and close range combat strategy. In addition a nationally recognised qualification by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety can be achieved.

Many of the skills developed within the programme are directly transferable to staff development within the work place.


“REACT Self-Defence conducted a very successful and comprehensive self-defence programme for junior and middle managers at Vitacress Salads over a two-year period. The outcome was a nationally recognised qualification in Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety. This programme was part of a wider “Teamworking” training effort that resulted in significant efficiency improvement and waste reduction.

Adam brought to the courses a huge energy and commitment that was transmitted to his students. The gains they made were in personal confidence, new self-belief and self-reliance. At one level this improved our employees’ physical safety. At a deeper level it played a part in their becoming better leaders of their teams. I can thoroughly recommend REACT Self-Defence as a professional deliver of personal safety programmes.”

Mike Rushworth
Director, Reveal Coaching Ltd
Ex Operations Director and Managing Director of Vitacress Salads Ltd

For more information please call: 07856 667733

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